Inflatable Sofa Couches

If you’re ready for some serious relaxation and comfort then you’re in the right place. Inflatable sofas are designed to be comfortable and easy to move around. Not just can this be used as a sofa or couch, it folds down into a queen size inflatable bed.

It’s a 2 in 1 piece of furniture, it’s cheap and it a must for every home. Ideal for students and any household with children. All children will love sleeping on the inflatable sofa and when you’re done just deflate the couch and pack it away. Sleepovers have never been so easy. Moving house or apartment no longer needs a trailer or SUV, just deflate the inflatable sofa, pack it away and put in your car.

The inflatable sofa has cup holders to make sure you don’t spill your drink. What could be more perfect? This multi-purpose piece of inflatable furniture is a must-have for every home! If you don’t have an inflatable sofa, click below to purchase yours now from loads of different options!

How to FIX an Inflatable Sofa Couch

One of the most common problems with the incredibly versatile Inflatable Sofa couches is that they can get holes or leaks in them quite easily. This is not ideal and can render your trendy piece of furniture useless. So what is the solution? Should you dis-guard the old faithful and replace it with something newer, or even replace it with something more solid. Most definitely not, you can repair them! Yes, that’s right a simple patch can have your inflatable couch back up and…. bouncing in no time! Here is how you can fix your inflatable sofa couch quickly and easily.

1.       Identify where the leak is coming from?

Mix a solution of dishwashing liquid and water so that when applied the air will blow bubbles out of the hole. You will need to make sure that the inflatable sofa is inflated enough for the leaking air to easily be identified. Pour or paint the solution on with a paintbrush or a sponge. Try the seams first, these are the most common places where the holes occur. Now that you’ve identified the leak (Keep in mind there could be more than 1!) you will need to apply the patch.

2.       Applying the Patch!

You now need to make sure that the area where you are going to apply the patch is dry and clean. Clean the area with a wet cloth and then make sure that the area is completely dry before you apply the patch.

Apply the glue to the patch, this will help you not spread the glue too much. Then press down and hold the patch on the leaking area. Ensure that your patch is big enough to cover the whole hole. Also, ensure that you stick down the whole patch. If you don’t stick down the whole patch, then the patch might become loose and be pulled off easily.

3.       Nearly done!

So you’ve applied the patch, you’re nearly there, but hold on a minute, you need to wait for the glue to dry! if you inflate the inflatable couch too soon then the patch won’t hold, so give it a few hours and then you’re good to go!

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All about Computer Glass Table

Computer Glass Table is a perfect furniture that is useful as well as elegant at the same time. None of us can neglect the charm and beauty the glass furniture brings. So, if you have a stylish house, you must look for a Computer glass table to make the place more charming.

Buying Guide:

When looking for the computer glass table, you need to take care of few things. Firstly, the size of the table. It should be according to the room size and the size of computer. Secondly, you need to decide the type of glass. There are different sorts of glass tables in market. Have a look at them and choose one that fits your needs. Another important thing is design. As glass tables are available in different colors, you can choose any color that complements your home color. The overall design should be stylish and classy.


Whenever people think about the glass tables, the first thing that strikes their mind is cleaning. Well, no doubt, you will have to clean the table to keep it look nice. Otherwise, it will not give the look you want. Good news for you is that the cleaning process is very easy. It isn’t difficult. There are many glass table cleaners available in the market. They can assist you well. If you don’t want to do it this way, you can just add distilled vinegar and rubbing alcohol to water and clean table with it. There are many other home remedies for that available on the internet. It is suggested that a good product should be used if you haven’t done it other way before. Spraying, paper towels, wiping the surface etc. are all good options.


Before you buy, it is suggested that you should explore the market. Visit different online stores and see what they are offering. Compare prices and features of each of them. Have a look at the latest trends. Combine all the things and make a decision that covers all the aspects and fits your needs as well.Click here